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Molluscum Contagiosum- Within a month of medication I could see positive results !!!

In early 2015, my daughter had developed small boils called warts all around her face. I consulted my family doctor who diagnosed it as Molluscum Contagiosum. I was informed that this can be removed only through laser or homeopathy treatment.

I was getting calls from school that we would not allow your child to attend the school till you undergo laser treatment and get it removed.

I was stressed as how can a 4 year old kid get laser done. That was the time when I was introduced to Dr Amul Kothare and Dr Anita Kothare who helped us diagnose the real cause.

Within a month of medication I could see positive results where in almost 60 % of the warts had disappeared from her face . There was no re-occurrence of warts observed post complete treatment .

I am very Thankful to Dr Amul Kothare and Dr Anita Kothare for their expert guidance.


S Jhaveri

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